Miami Wedding Photographer

I love to photograph, telling stories with images, catch in my photographs every feeling, glances, expressions, and beautiful locations for weddings in Miami, making this important day of your lives eternal, remembering your wedding so you can have it forever. It’s up to a photographer to capture the beauty of those moments and keep them eternal, freezing them along in time to cherish forever.

Miami Wedding Photographer by Alejandro Leon.

I’m a wedding photographer, passionate about photography with more than twenty years of experience, I love creating images with a high level of exigence, taking care of every detail, light, expression, the right moment of the shot, giving the best of me in the creation of each image and assuming each of my commitments with dedication. I enjoy making new friends and living every moment through my photographs.
Saving this beautiful memory in photos that make you laugh, cry and love, It’s something that celebrates and commemorates the marriage, enhances it and relives it every day when everyone can see the emotion and feelings of this moment in the wedding album or in a portrait on the table, becoming something that will love and cherish for a lifetime.

A long-standing company with a staff of photography and video, who has had extensive experience in the world of weddings and social events, thanks to his work of high quality, spontaneity and creativity, taking his experience to clients who have confident and highlighted his work at the Latin American level and now in Miami.

Details & Spontaneity, you focus on living fullest your wedding that I will make sure you can relive it and enjoy it in every photograph.


Everything is possible


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